Introduction of Research in the Laboratory


Master's course students

My research has focused on the problems that manufacturing industries face in quality control. In the course of carrying out my research, I am required to collect and analyze data at actual factories with steady effort and ideas to see the essence of the problem. Therefore, I exchanged opinions with my supervisor and fellow students in the laboratory in order to grasp the problem from all perspectives without being bound by stereotypes. In addition, by presenting the results of my research in academic papers and at international conferences and discussing them with researchers in Japan and abroad, I began to think about things from new perspectives.

Through these research activities, I believe that I was able to acquire not only specialized knowledge in related fields but also the skills necessary for problem solving. And I am convinced that this experience will surely become my strength in my future life.

Finally, this university and graduate school provide opportunities for learning and an environment for growth. I hope that all high school and technical college students who are preparing to choose their future career path will study and play an active role in the field of management and information science.