Accept a wide range of people with different backgrounds and add information technology and management knowledge.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Course of Information and
Management Systems Engineering

The IMSE course (Bachelor’s and Master’s) aims to train engineers who can continue to practice management using information technology and reform management systems and the information systems that support them in management organizations in the information society. To this end, the following learning and educational objectives in order to acquire the ability have been established.

Acquire the ability to create scientific and rational management systems.

Acquire the ability to materialize management systems by making full use of information technology.

Acquire the ability to design (plan, design, and manage) management systems

Acquire the ability to develop information and management systems.

Acquire the ability to understand the economic and social environment surrounding management from a global perspective.

Since its establishment, Nagaoka University of Technology has provided consistent education from undergraduate to master’s degree programs in order to equip all students with the insight to see the future from a broad perspective and with advanced specialized knowledge and skills. In this field of study, our IMSE course of study, and this major, too, the curriculum is consistent over the four years of undergraduate study and the two years of graduate study, based on the learning and educational goals described above. The program aims to “accept people from a wide range of backgrounds and develop human resources who can make use of the specialized knowledge they have cultivated,” so that even those who do not have specialized knowledge in information technology or management can learn and educate themselves in the four years from the first year of undergraduate study plus two years of master’s study, or two years from the third year of undergraduate study plus two years of master’s study, as stated in the above learning and education objectives. The curriculum is designed so that students can fully acquire the technical skills to manipulate information and the various knowledge necessary for management, as stated in the learning and education objectives above.

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