Open campus and open labs of our Department

If you are interested in our IMSE courses, please take advantage of the Open Campus to participate and visit us!

In every year, a number of laboratories belonging to our department are open to the public at the Open Campus.
Each laboratory will be open to the public for a full day, allowing visitors to see the labs firsthand and experience various demonstrations and other activities. Students and faculty staffs will be waiting for you in their laboratories on the day of the open house. You can feel free to ask the kind senior students and faculty members about classes, research, student life, entrance examinations, job hunting, and so on. Please feel free to ask anything.

*Due to the new coronavirus infection situation, the FY2021 Open Campus will be held via the web, but we will introduce future Open Campus information as well.

In the past, the following laboratories in the IMSE have been opened in the event.