Applied Information Sciences

Analyze Human.

グリーンバック タイピング 車いす

By analyzing in detail the complex physiological functions, behavior, and psychology of human beings to elucidate their principles, and by organizing and synthesizing the findings obtained, it is expected that we will be used to control the human condition appropriately and to design and develop new systems to support people. In this course, we analyze humans from the viewpoint of informatics, and conduct research and education to reconstruct and apply the results of the analysis in systems engineering.

Applied Information

Cognitive Science / Ergonomics / Physiological Psychology / Applied Health Science / Special Needs Education / Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials / Medical Systems / Medical Informatics / Sports Science

Management Systems

the Organization.

天窓 スクリーン カンファレンス

Management in companies and other organizational entities involves addressing a wide range of organizational, administrative, and strategic issues. Industrial structural changes including economic globalization and ICT, technological innovation, resource and energy supply and demand, the global environment, the financial environment, and international political situations are also directly related to organizational management. In this course, we conduct research and education on management systems studies while including the perspective of informatics in addition to that of social science.

Applied Information

Business Administration / Applied Economics / Econometrics / Environmental Economics / Intellectual Property Law / Private International Law / Industrial Policy / Social Systems Engineering and Safety Systems

Data Science

Analyze our Lives.

By recording and analyzing information on various activities in human society – from politics, economics, education, and culture to daily life and behavior on the Internet – it is possible to support people’s lives and realize a more comfortable and happy society. In this course, we conduct research and education to analyze people’s behavior and activities in society and their interactions from an informatics perspective, and to apply this information to systems engineering.

Applied Information

Fundamentals of Informatics / Intelligent Informatics / Linguistics / Kansei Informatics and Soft Computing / International Relations / Mathematical Engineering / Intelligent Systems Architecture / Human Interface / Data Mining