Learning Supporters System

Individual study support


study support by support spaces in the campus

In recent years, there have been cases in which students find it difficult to keep up with classes after entering the university due to differences in the content of education they received at high school or technical college prior to entering the university. To prevent such a situation, our university established a unique system in which senior students in the master’s or doctoral course provide learning support to students who are aware of their lack of basic academic skills. This system is called as the “Learning Supporters System,” and the senior students who provide support are called “Supporters.” Currently, two types of support are provided. One is “individual study support” and the other is “study support at the support space. Also, both of them are at no cost to the student receiving the support.

Feedback from students who have received the support


The explanations were clear and understandable.


I could hear about the university and each course.


The supporters kindly taught me problems that I could not solve on my own.


I could easily ask for advice about university course assignments, etc.


They taught me how to write reports, etc.


They gave me advice on other aspects of my life besides study.


They taught me what they knew because they were my seniors.

“Many students in our field and in our courses and majors have taken advantage of these systems as needed. In addition to support for catching up with class content, students are able to receive a great deal of valuable advice from their seniors, who are the people closest to them, to further deepen their understanding of class content or to learn about applications beyond the class.

In addition, in the “study support by support spaces in the campus,” senior students are stationed at a fixed date, time, and location every week. If you have any problems, you can go to the support spaces and friendly seniors will give you a variety of advice. The status of support in these systems and the students’ level of understanding are also communicated to the teaching staff who conduct classes as needed, and are used as valuable information to improve the quality of the classes and education itself.”

For more information about the Learning Supporters System, please visit the following official University website.

Evolution of Educational Capabilities through the Learning Supporters System

Advisory Education System

During the long period of student life, there is always something to worry about. In addition to class instructors, our University has an advisory education system in which one or two faculty members are assigned to each small group of about 5-6 students to provide detailed guidance and advice on all aspects of student life in cooperation with the class instructors. The following are some examples of the types of consultations offered.

In addition to contacting the faculty advisors on the set dates and times, students are welcome to consult with the advisors on their own at any time. Please do not keep your concerns to yourself, but consult with your faculty advisor as much as possible to lead a fulfilling student life.

Main Counseling Topics about:

  • Subjects selection when registering for courses
  • Study results and credit acquisition
  • Course and laboratory assignment requests
  • Advancement to graduate school
  • Mental health counseling
  • Communication with students in case of emergency
  • Other general student life matters