Introduction of classroom

Hiroyasu YAMADA

Graduates on 2012

I entered this university after graduating from a normal high school and have been engaged in IMSE for a total of six years, four years as an undergraduate and two years as a master’s student. The good thing about this program, in my opinion, is that each student can find what he or she wants to do and can study various subjects with an eye to the future. The program is very different from other programs in that you can study a wide range of scientific and liberal arts fields and find a field that interests you more. It also provides a chance for those who don’t know what they want to do in the future. When I was at a loss as to what I wanted to do after graduating from high school, the various talks by the professors in this course stimulated my curiosity that lay deep within me.

The classes that stimulated my curiosity in this course are not so much about sitting in a chair and writing on a blackboard, but about taking the system you have in your mind and giving it shape, discussing social issues with others, and presenting your thoughts in a presentation…. The classes are full of such activities. These classes will surely give you new “discoveries.” All you need is your curiosity. Let’s start by getting to know ourselves!