Applied Information Sciences

Sports Engineering and Physiological Bioinformatics Laboratory

StaffAkira Shionoya


The development of more comfortable and high performance ski equipment and the problem of sports disorders make the study of human body functions and movements essential. In our laboratory, we conduct mechanical and physiological research to elucidate the mechanisms and human characteristics of sports equipment such as ski, tennis, and soccer equipment, as well as welfare equipment such as wheelchairs. We also develop software and devices to evaluate them. And. After evaluating sports equipment, we also improve and develop new sports equipment. Specifically, we are measuring the amount of muscle activity during sports, as well as the mechanomechanical measurements of sports equipment, and constructing a measurement system that captures and processes these data on a terminal to evaluate the relationship between humans and sports equipment. The results of our research help to improve sports performance and contribute to the elucidation and prevention of the causes of sports injuries in the fields of medicine and welfare.