SUZUKI Nobutaka

SUZUKI Nobutaka

鈴木 信貴


Position Associate Professor
Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
Affiliation Management Systems Group,Graduate Shool of Engineering
Additional post --
Lessons in charge Invitation to engineer frontier,Information and society, Management sytems practice, Management sytems, Manegement of technology, Manegement of product development
Research Focus StrategicManagement,TechnologyManagement,Manufacturing Management
Key Topic Innovation management,Market strategy in emerging countries, Research and development capabilities, Manufacturing capacity
Papers/Publications (URL) http://souran.nagaokaut.ac.jp/view?l=ja&u=100000426&a2=0000013&sm=affiliation&sl=ja&sp=10
Belonging Societies The Academic Association for Organizational Science,Japan Academy of Business Administration,Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics,Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management
Laboratory Strategic,Technology and Manufacturing Management Laboratory
Laboratory(URL) --

Research outline

With the establishment of more enterprises, new markets are expanding in India. The companies design new products and make profit by selling them. Organizations improve productivity by continuously working towards improvement of the production site. These matters are directly related to the management. They are controlled under  strategic management, technology management, and manufacturing management. It is a common assumption that management is a conventional term.However, this is not the case. For example, Japanese bullet train is operational on all days, without any cases of major accident. No other railway is able to compete with this railwaysi in terms of safety and accuracy, even after the incorporation of same computerized systems and trains.The management and the organization should be responsible to devise certain measures to ensure smooth and continued operations of the train in spite of any sudden accidents. Product development and production activities are same things. To fast track the development of a superior product, it is necessary for the management and organization to establish a productivity chain that is functional in all circumstances. It is quite evident that management is a very complex phenomenon and is affected by various factors. In our laboratory, we aim to clarify the causal relationship of the management by analyzing the empirical studies.

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