UNEHARA Muneyuki

UNEHARA Muneyuki

畦原 宗之


Position Assistant Professor
Degree Ph.D. in Engineering
Affiliation Social Information Systems Group, Department of Information and Management Systems Engineering
Additional post --
Lessons in charge Information Literacy 2 (B2), Information and Management Systems Engineering Experiment 1 (B3), Object Oriented Programming (B3), Information and Management Systems Engineering Excercise 2 (B3)
Research Focus Kansei Information Processing and Soft Computing
Key Topic Music Composition Support Reflecting Individual Kansei Image, Intelligent Support Framework for Products Group Design (Kansei Information Processing, Learning and Adaption, Intelligent Systems, Human Centered Systems Design, Generative Systems, Entertainment Computing, Brand Equity)
Papers/Publications (URL) http://souran.nagaokaut.ac.jp/view?l=ja&u=71&i=j2&sm=name&sl=ja&sp=1
Belonging Societies Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics, Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory Laboratory for Intelligent Informatics & Human Computer Interactions
Laboratory(URL) http://kjs.nagaokaut.ac.jp/yamada/yamada-lab/

Research Outline

My research interest is the theory and methodology of human centered information processing system.  The "Human Centered System" is the system which the human subjectivity, judgment, evaluation, recognition, emotion, feeling(Kansei) plays central role.  The system needs to flexibly change outputs from the system causing the subjectivity or feeling, that is different from individual, even if the input of the system is the same.  In order to realize such systems, I study based on the methodology of information engineering, especially, the Soft Computing technology such as the Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Theory, Rough Set Theory, Case-Based Reasoning, and so on.  Recently, I proceed to study about practice of the systems such as the music composition, that is the ultimate designs of human emotion, and product design with additional value of human emotion, by using the methodology forcusing on how to learn and adapt human emotion and likings.

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