山田 耕一


Position Professor
Degree Ph.D. in Eng.
Affiliation Information and Management Systems Engineering, Graduate Shool of Engineering 情報・経営システム工学専攻
Additional post --
Lessons in charge Basics of Statistics, Human Interface Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Informatics
Research Focus Intelligent Informatics, Computational Intelligence, Affective Informatics, Human Computer Interactions
Key Topic ■Theories and Applications on Automated Reasoning, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery under Uncertainty: Fuzzy Logic, Possibility theory, Dempster-Shafer theory of Evidence, Rough Sets, Bayesian Reasoning, etc. ■ Affective Design Technologies Requiring Affective Images and Originality ■ Descriptive Decision-Making under Uncertainty ■ Intelligent Human Interfaces
Papers/Publications (URL) http://souran.nagaokaut.ac.jp/view?l=ja&u=111&i=j35&sm=name&sl=ja&sp=2
Belonging Societies IEEE, SOFT, JSKE, IEICE, JSAI, HIS
Laboratory Intelligent Informatics and Human Computer Interactions
Laboratory(URL) http://kjs.nagaokaut.ac.jp/yamada/yamada-lab/

Studies in our Lab.

We are studying theories, techniques and applications of Computational Intelligence, a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. The difference of CI from the conventional AI based on Mathematical Logic and Symbolism is that CI tries to solve the real world problems with a variety of metaheuristics which are a set of general-purpose intelligent heuristics or procedures. In the lab we study theories and techniques to deal with uncertainty inevitable in the real world (Fuzzy logic, Rough sets, Evidence theory, Probability, etc.), evolutionary computation that mimics creatures’ evolution, and machine learning that utilizes the past experience as well as their applications such as affective engineering that supports humans to design products with required affective images, human-computer interactions that let humans collaborate with computers, and social computing that supports human social behaviors.

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